Sale Nike Air Presto Mesh Womens Sneakers Gray Blue Yellow Shoes Online

Recently the Nike Air Presto React was released into the world and boy do they have taken good care of it. The all white base is a great contrast to the vibrant purple and pink hues of the shoe. The only thing that could be lacking from the shoe would be the more traditional black top but that would not be a problem because this top is so funky it goes with any outfit, mood, or situation. The new Nike Air Presto React has been around for quite some time now and in fact was one of the first basketball sneakers to come out and many basketball players have since then been using them.

You might ask what makes the Nike Air Presto reacts such great? Well, I will have to answer that all for you. The fact that it is a comfortable shoe is a big factor in making a great sneaker and this one certainly feels great on the feet. A nice rubber outer sole and soft mesh lining provide the comfort needed to allow your foot to stay in control and absorb shock while you move around. Also the large tongue that covers the entire width of the shoe and the thin yet wide strap are both another great features.

However this top does come with its fair share of flaws. Mainly that the material used for the sole is not very comfortable and tends to rub off quickly if you do not have a proper fit. The large tongue does capture air and tends to move around on your foot quite a bit and that in turn can cause blisters and sometimes a soreness of the skin in the inside of your heel. Other than that these are a pretty awesome sneaker.