Nike Air Presto 6 Mens Mesh Sneakers Black Royal Blue Green Sale

The Nike Air Presto Utility is a mid-sole shoe that is especially designed to protect the feet while they are in motion. Unlike the Air Max, the Nike Air Presto Utility wets the surface of the foot with a thin layer of water. This protects the foot against external forces and prevents stress points from developing. A thin waterproof layer also acts as a lifeguard for the toes and ankle.

When walking on soft surfaces, such as grass or the beach, the Air Presto Utility allows for improved circulation. This maximizes the oxygen intake by the body and helps to replenish lost fluids during intense exercise. Additionally, the light weight of the shoe also encourages you to use your feet more effectively. The fluid drain and the cushioned inner lining take care of the excess pressure that often develops on the feet. This feature takes the stress off the joints and causes the muscles to relax.

Although many competitors make shoes that act as if they are specifically made for women, the Air Presto Utility wets the foot in a similar way as most other running shoes. These shoes are available at most sporting goods retailers in both men’s and women’s sizes. Due to their size and design, they do tend to run a bit large. If you are between size categories, you should order the next size up from your usual size to ensure a proper fit. As always, we recommend consulting your local sporting goods expert to determine what size will best meet your needs.