Discount Nike Air Presto 5 Womens Anti Fur Charcoal Grey Blue Shoes

Nike Air Presto Womens Grey is the latest additions to the already-growing stable of air cushioning that is designed for all over active women. Considered by many to be the most advanced in air cushioned running shoes, the Nike Air Presto Womens Grey offers a wide range of color options to match any wardrobe, from subtle and understated to wild and wacky. The high-end design of the Air Presto Womens Grey offers a modern take on an old favorite – combining the best of old with the best of new, creating a shoe that is both classic and modern. In addition to the waffle rubber outsole and the classic gray color that can be found on many models, the Air Presto Womens Grey includes a series of mesh textile uppers, leather outsole, centered toe ring, rubber foot soles, and an ergonomic rubber inner lining.

The color palette of the Air Presto Womens Grey is bold and exotic, and features a stunning array of colors that complement each other in an almost ethereal manner. Available in two primary colors – black and gray, the sneaker offers deep ebony color with gray accents that run throughout the shoe. Some of the more basic versions of the Air Presto Womens Grey do not include the mesh and textile upper, but many of the specialty releases do, allowing for a much more minimalist look to be used in the shoe. The only drawback to this color scheme is that some people find it too loud and garish and may find it annoying to wear.

As one would expect with the most popular color in the Air Presto Womens Grey line, the majority of pairs will come in black. However, some limited releases do make their way into black as well, such as the “Grapefruit” and “Lilac” versions. Both of these colors consist of black and white with a lighter shade of gray mixed in, giving the shoes a unique “tea-colored” appearance that some find quite amusing and enticing. Interestingly enough, the Lilac pairs feature the same base design as the “Grapefruit” versions but feature great accenting instead of gray accents. This makes for a striking-looking pair of shoes that is sure to please everyone wearing them.