On Sale 2015Nike Air Presto 6 Mens Sneakers Red White On Sale 2015

Launched in the summer of 2021, the Nike Air Presto Triple Strap is one of the most popular running and jumping shoes from Nike. Developed with a lightweight but strong rubber outsole, the Nike Air Presto Triple features air pockets in the midsole which pull additional weight to the foot. The dual strip outsole and the cushioning in the outsole help to absorb the shock of landings and reduce the stress placed on the knee and ankle. The outside also helps to absorb shock and improve agility and responsiveness.

The Nike Air Presto Triple is one of the lightest running shoes in the present-day athletic shoe market. The Nike Air Max system on the inside of the shoe is used to add more control and stability to the shoe. The Air Max system works by using nitrogen gas to create a layer of air between the shoe and the heel counter, which in turn adds extra stability to the shoe. While Air Max offers a great performance for high-end athletes, the Nike Air Presto Triple offers sporty runners a great running shoe that is suitable for many different surface and distance activities.

Although this running shoe offers great performance, it does have its limitations. The Nike Air Presto Triple is great for runners who are looking for a lightweight and stable shoe, however the three main design elements of this shoe are not suited to every shape or size and some people find the Fit Lock mechanism under the toe box a little restrictive. Some of the other issues with this shoe include the large amount of spacing at the front of the shoe, which makes it uncomfortable for some people to wear. Also the outsole features a built in rubber protection, which can be seen on the side of some models of Air Presto shoes. However, all said the Nike Air Presto Triple proves to be a great running shoe that is sure to satisfy those that want a lightweight but highly functional shoe.