Cheap Nike Air Presto 5 Mens Anti Fur Sneakers Brown White Shoes Now

One of the latest additions to the most popular running shoe range in the market is the Nike Air Max Presto. This running shoe, as its name suggests, comes with a red sole and a pink base. While these are not color coordinated with the trim of the shoes, they are more vibrant than the other counterparts. In fact, this has become the new standard among running shoes. As per usual, the upper part is made of leather, while the canvas textile insole gives a cushy feel on the sole.

The design of the Nike Air Max Presto is similar to the Air series, except that it comes with an advanced cushioning system which minimizes the amount of pronation, thus giving the runner a smooth-running experience. The cushioned inner portion of the shoe has a sponge texture with a light density, which reduces the running impact when the runner is going forward. Further, the outsole of the shoe is made of rubber to provide grip on the running surface.

The Nike Air Max Presto has some of the most sought after features such as the mesh tongue and collar, which help in keeping the foot cool during the run. The midsole also has mesh for breathability, and air pockets to improve air circulation through the shoe. However, some of the high end running sneakers have mesh trims, but the Nike Air Max Presto does not. This just shows how customizable this shoe truly is. The Nike Air Max Presto also has a deep-seated foam for optimum shock absorption and rebound.