2015 Nike Air Presto 5 Mens Sneakers Brown White Online

If you are looking for a good way to look hot this summer then you should definitely look at men’s Nike air presto shoes. These are the sort of shoes that every guy has in his closet: comfortable, well crafted, built to last, and a whole lot of style that can make you look great. Designed by Tobie Hatfield the younger brother of famous Nike designer Tinker Hatfield, the air Presto was first released back in the late ’90s and quickly became a firm favorite among male footwear fans. The all-American look and feel of these shoes combined with the fact that they were one of the first shoes to incorporate the Air Tech mid-sole technology made them instantly popular. As the years have gone on, more people have started wearing the air Presto and even though the range has been slightly re-branded over the years, the basic design and styles remain the same. And recently, the whole range has been taken over by the well-known Japanese company, Asics.

These shoes were originally designed to be a counter-balance to the bulky and heavy Nike Air Max sneakers that many of the country’s top athletes were wearing at the time. But unlike the Air Max, which is a low-top model that offers extreme protection from the elements, the Presto uses a traditional sneaker design that is built to cater to male athletes. With a mid-foot length and a mid-ankle height, these shoes are built to provide the sort of stability and balance that male runners and basketball players need when tackling that long jump shot or powering through that wide open hole on the trail. As a result, many athletes consider them to be the best of the best when it comes to the shoe design for men. And because men typically have smaller feet than women, the Nike Air Presto makes the perfect running shoe for them. This is because it is built to meet the unique needs of male athletes.

Looking good is important, but if you’re going to get a shoe that is built to last, it needs to feel good too! And as we’ve found with other popular brands, the Asics Design flex mid-sole used in the Nike Air Presto shoes has a soft, cushy feel, which means that men can be confident about putting these on right from the start. The leather sock liner included also offers extra comfort and protection to the toes and heels. The Asics Flystrips used on the soles are designed to help wick away sweat and moisture, while the Vibram rubber outsole ensures maximum grip and traction on all surfaces.

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