Official Nike Air Presto 2 Mens Carving Sneakers Black White Red 100% Guarantee

As a long time sneakerhead, one of my goals has been to find the best possible substitute for the Nike Air Presto running shoe. This shoe is a great asset for runners and recreational users of running shoes. The Air Presto series was introduced as a result to Nike’s desire to make a lighter version of the original Air Force shoes but one that retained the quality, durability, and performance of the Air Force shoes. While it does not have the awesome cushioning of Air Force shoes, the Nike Air Presto makes up for it in many other areas.

One of the best aspects of the Nike Air Presto series is the level of versatility that it provides. In fact, this shoe can be worn for many different types of occasions from cross country running, to tempo training, to speed and agility training, to long distance running. It is essentially versatile because the shoe can be adapted for any situation which is a huge bonus for runners who need a shoe that can be worn in many different situations.

This shoe is also built upon a solid foundation with a traditional design. Unlike many other Nike products, the construction of the Nike Air Presto running shoe maintains a traditional mid-foot, mid-ankle design to provide a stable, well-balanced fit and feel while still allowing for flexibility of the foot. The outcome of the Nike Air Presto features a tread pattern that is ideal for high mileage and road running while still offering exceptional grip on a variety of surfaces. Additionally, the outsole is made of ethylene rubber for maximum durability.

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