Outstanding Nike Air Presto 6 Mens Mesh Sneakers Brown Salmon Pink With Low Price

As if the Nike Air Presto No Half sizes weren’t enough to get you interested in this year’s most popular sneaker, here’s a neat little story about the inspiration for the shoe. When the Nike Air Presto was initially introduced, it stood toe to toe with the Air Jordan line. However, the look of the Nike Air Presto was so different that it soon became the shoe of choice for basketball players across the world. Here’s why:

When the Nike Air Presto No Half lines were first launched, they came in only one color: white. The thought was that while big-name athletes would want a unique shoe, those who were just starting out or doing a bit of conditioning and training would not. It is for this very reason that those who wanted a good-looking shoe had to settle for white. The white made the Nike Air Presto No Half accessible to everyone, no matter what their skill level. Even though the Air Presto No Half arrived just as the Air Jordan line was hitting its stride, it was an instant hit.

The Nike Air Presto No Half takes us back to when the line was introduced. In that short time, the shoe became popular among basketball players at every level, not just the ones who were sponsored by the King. While the Air Jordan has become synonymous with big stars such as Allen Iverson and Lebron James, the white Nike Air Presto took the sneaker market by storm. Now, years later, you’ll still see many basketball players wearing the Air Presto No Half. In fact, you’ll probably see them wearing the shoe all year around.