Outlet Nike Air Presto 4 Mens GT Sneakers Black Blue Green

The Nike Air React Presto high tops are one of the newest additions to a growing list of popular basketball shoe lines. While the idea of them being a substitute for the basketball shoe that players are used to is not a bad one, it does have its limitations. The most important feature for a basketball player is his ability to run fast and change directions on a dime. This is why the Air Reactor is such an excellent option for this particular type of player.

Some of the other things that the Nike Air Reactor XL brought to the table that helped make it such a great choice for basketball are its lightweight design, cushioning, and fit. Lightweight basketball shoes can be very difficult to move in, let alone play well, but the Nike Air React XL was designed with lightweight materials in mind. This allows the shoe to be extremely flexible while still maintaining stability. It also offers advanced cushioning, which helps to smooth out any of the jostling and jarring that happens during real basketball action.

The fit of a basketball shoe is critical to players who want to maximize their athletic performance but do not want to sacrifice style and comfort for fit. This shoe features a fairly traditional fit, which is comfortable for most players, but also provides superior cushioning for hard court surfaces. Cushioning is especially beneficial for players who have wide feet, or for those who have been sedentary in their sports activities and have yet to regain their physical shape. Cushioning also reduces the amount of flexing that takes place in the front of the speaker, which makes it easier for the foot to stay in contact with the ground. All in all, the Nike Air React XL is a top quality basketball shoe that anyone would be happy to wear.

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