Latest Nike Air Presto 2 Mens Carving Sneakers Black Green Sneaker

Nike Air Presto QS Fleece is one of the lightest and most comfortable layer among Nike Air Flight Trainer, Air Max, and the Air Presto T-shirts. The soft and smooth inner layer provides a perfect base for your body to absorb the shock of the impact of the running and jumping. The outer layer that glistens with sweat and is lightweight is also highly breathable. You will find the Nike Air Presto QS Fleece in several different colors and as mentioned above, it has been designed in such a way that it is highly functional and versatile. Due to its highly functional features, many athletes have converted to this fabric instead of those bulky and heavy shirts.

The Nike Air Presto QS Fleece comes in two different models – the Nike Zoom running top and the Nike Air Presto T-shirt. Both are highly popular due to their various benefits. As already mentioned, the Nike Air Presto T-shirt is flexible while being highly ventilated. It has a tighter fit and a more defined midsection thus reducing any uneasiness on the part of the athlete who is running or jumping. The other model has a slightly looser fit and a bit looser material so that the runner can breathe easier.

When it comes to performance, the Nike Air Presto QS Fleece performs amazingly well. It can handle intense physical activities that include running, jumping, swimming, basketball, and tennis. However, it does not feel heavy and therefore, you do not feel confined when playing these games. This fabric also breathes very well, which further ensures that your sweaty and tired muscles are not aggravated. Moreover, the color of the top has an advantage of making you look cool even if you are wearing a white shirt.

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