New Style Nike Air Presto 5 Mens Flannelette Blue Green Shoes Now

Nike Air Presto Brs 1000 is the latest in a long series of innovative sports shoes manufactured by this company. With a host of innovative features, it has made an impression on the sports enthusiasts. It can be considered as one of the best running shoes available in the market today. This article is all about the features and benefits of this product.

The main feature of this running shoe is the unique take on the air cushioning system which was introduced along with the launch of the Air Presto series. This system provides extra cushioning for your feet while running which reduces any kind of stress on the joints. There are two kinds of cushioning systems available in this running shoe and depending on your requirements you can choose the one which suits you the best. The first one is the Air Max cushioning system which uses the patented Air Max technology that offers the user maximum comfort with maximum durability.

Nike Air Presto Brs 1000 comes with a mesh side panel which acts as a protective shield against injuries. This feature is one of the most innovative and popular features present in this shoe. You will find that it protects your foot from any kind of abrasions and cuts. You can also get such shoes with any other Nike sports kit which is designed to give complete coverage to all the parts of the body. You can run with such a feature for a long time to come as it will not cause any trouble for your feet.